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Secret Gmail features you didn’t know existed

by Dronalaya Team
Posted on May 16, 2017 11:30:20 AM

Secret Gmail Features you didnt know existed


What might be one of the most challenging things for the next generation? To find a Gmail address of choice!  With over 1 billion Gmail ids already taken, growing at a rate of new 100+ million users every year, it would be a gargantuan task to find a name of choice for Gmail id. Looks like, few more years and it might be hard to find a person without Gmail Address on this planet. I am sure, you have a Gmail address (may be more than one). Let’s try and find out how we could get the most out of it.


Illustrated below are some of the lesser-known features, which more than 99% users of Gmail are still unaware of. Let’s find out whether you belong to the remaining 1% or not.


1. Dots in your Gmail Address don’t matter


If your mail id is, any mails addressed to , , r.a.k.e.s.h.s.h.a.r.m.a@gmail.comor any such address will land up in your mail account. Also you can sign-in to your Google mail account with any of these addresses. The periods in your Gmail address are actually meaningless; they are just there for convenience!!


2. Find out who is selling to spammers


If you add a ‘+’ sign and then any words to your Gmail address, it still works. For example, mails sent to OR will still be delivered to mailbox.


You can use this feature while registering on various sites. For example if you are registering on eBay, use the mail address . This will not only help you in filtering incoming messages, but, also help you identify the spammers. From the mail address in the spam mail received, you can be sure, who has been spreading or selling your mail address.


3. You can Unsend a Mail, that you sent by mistake


Has it ever happened with you, that after you send a mail, you suddenly realize that you have sent a wrong mail OR a mail with wrong content? Now, Gmail has a solution for that. Yes, now, you could undo sending the mail even some time after you sent it and it will not be delivered to the recipient.


All you need to do is to enable ‘Undo Send’ from settings. You can also set the time till when, you should be able to undo. The default time is 10 seconds.


4. Forward Entire Conversation


Obviously, you know how to forward mails. What if you want to mail an entire conversation of few mails to someone or a group? Gmail allows you to send the entire conversation of mails grouped together in your Inbox.


When you are inside a conversation and you want to forward all the grouped mails at one shot, just click ‘More’ at the top of your Inbox and Press ‘Forward all’


5. You can Play with spaces in Password


Did you know that there is no meaning of ‘Space’ in your Gmail Password? It means while entering your password, it does not matter if you put any number of extra spaces anywhere.


If you put a few spaces before the password and a few of them after, while entering your credentials, you could still login to your account.


It could be particularly useful, if you want to trick someone who you think is observing you entering your password. Add random spaces in between the password and the other person will never be able to guess. Try it, it works!!

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