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Mitul is an entrepreneur and a 21st-century leader. He is helping the mother of a teenager by supplying nutrient and tasty food which helps to improve immunity and overall health. In a span of 3 months, Mitul has spread awareness to more than 1000
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I am a Certified and Authorized Art Teacher.  CERTIFICATION PAINTING COURSE is conducted ONLINE or at MALLESWARAM, BANGALORE* ONLINE Mode OR DISTANCE Mode 1) Acrylic Painting 2) Glass Painting 3) Lippon Work 3) Radium Painting 4) Patc
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Dr Noothan

Dr. Noothan Rao Counselor, Graphologist at “Write Strokes with Right Thoughts” ™, Research Center for Holistic Healing.  Professional qualifications: B.Com, Internationally certified Handwriting analyst & grapho-analytic
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My name is Pooja NM and I'm from Bangalore studying in Mount Carmel college. I'm studying in 2nd year BA in Psychology and I'm also doing 4th semester in Acupressure(ISHAN - BANGLORE). I love teaching and spreading awareness about Ac
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I am a yoga teacher from 25 years and have given services in schools and colleges. Specially for ladies, like conducting camps which includes general simple basic yoga classes for physical and mental health to heal the body and mind by simple chantin
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Life insurance is a critical aspect of financial planning. In other words, it’s creating provisions for family members when you aren’t around for life. The insurance cover ensures financial security for your loved ones – which inclu
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I am a Hindi teacher. I have experience of over 14 years teaching Hindi to students in top schools of Mumbai. Teaching has been my passion. I can help with Hindi lessons for children from 1st grade to Graduates. I can also help people who would
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Name: Suril L.  Dedhia Qualification: BE Computer Science (Mumbai University) Total IT Industry Experience: 21 Years LinkedIn Profile: Current Designation: Senior Vice President
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Ravindra Tulsyan, popularly known as Ravi, is a highly effective change leader and ERP/SCM/business process guru. In his career starting 1982, he has had very wide and deep insight of business problems of more than 150 companies, in India and abroad,
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For the last 6 years, I have been actively teaching Mathematics and Physics to  children seeking to hone their skills in these subjects. I  need to mention that at the same time I am following my passion. Primarily, I believe in teaching an
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Have been in the profession of teaching for around two decades educating students on various subjects ranging from English, History and Ethics.
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An artist of multiple interests, I started much of my works as a hobby. I enjoy choreographing and presenting semi-classical and folk dance. Children who have learnt from me also enjoy performing these on various occassions and have received app
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Founder at Alphabet Capital that deals into financial distribution and managing portfolios. Overall ten years of experience in capital markets and have worked with companies like Kotak Commodities, Motilal Oswal Commodities and Reliance Commodities.
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Information Security Practitioner with 12+ years experience in the Information Security Technology & GRC Consulting, Networking Projects & operations, Incident Management, IT - Support services and multivendor networks. CISSP in
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Hello I have more than 28 years of corporate experience in various fields. now I work as a corporate coach and mentor. I would like to help you in achieving your career dreams. I am ready, Are you ?
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A certified life skills and image consultant, Erica de Souza brings years of impression management and transformational insights. Having spent 8 years in the hospitality industry, she has been associated with leading brands such as the Taj Group of H
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A Senior Behavioural Consultant and coach, I bring with me 25 years of rich experience in the field of learning and human development. A Certified Life and success coach from Symbiosis – USA, I am also a Senior Certified DISC coach and assessor
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It is my strong belief that one should contribute towards preserving and spreading the knowledge available in our rich cultural heritage. I am contributing towards this by teaching Bhagavat Geetha, Sahasranamams and other Shlokas & Bhajans for th
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  I am an Electronics Engineer from Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute (VJTI) and a MBA in Finance from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS).   I have around 24 years of experience in the areas of Manag
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